akjfaq14The AKJ is a Panthic organisation that follows the Panthic Maryada sanctioned by Sri Akaal Takhat Sahib. The Panthic Maryada says:  The Benti Chaupai of the tenth Guru (beginning “hamri karo hath dai rachha” and ending with “dusht dokh te leho bachai”).

In the 1920s, after the panth had finally taken control of our Gurdwaras back from Mahants, the panth went to work on a written “Rehit Maryada” to provide a document which explained the basic practices of a Sikh.  At this time, the panth decided collectively that Chaupai Sahib was to end at “Dusht Dokh Tai Leho Bachaaee” as the tuks (lines) afterwards refer to the completion of Charitropakhiyan and were not recited by Guru Gobind Singh Jee when Chaupai Sahib was first revealed.  Whereas all of the Bani up until  ”Dusht Dokh Tai Leho Bachaaee” fits into the Bani’s theme of a “Benti” (request) to god, the 26th pauree onwards no longer contains Bentis.

As mentioned above, it becomes clear after reading the Bani that the subject matter of the first 25 pauris of Chaupai Sahib is different from the rest of the pauris. The 26th pauri is talking about how by the kirpa of Vaheguru, Guru Jee has completed the Charitropakhiyan Granth. It does not pertain to Chaupai Sahib. Chaupai Sahib as proved by Giani Harbans Singh and other scholars, was written independently just as another Chaupai “Main na Ganesha pritham Manaayoo” and the Shabad “Deh Shiva Bar Mohe Ihai” are independent of the overall compositions of Guru Sahib that they are written in.  Similarly, the 10 svaiyaas in Nitnem are an extract from the larger Bani known as Sri Akaal Ji Ki Ustat , but the 10 svaiyas in Nitnem are in themselves complete, just like the 6 pauris of Anand Sahib read in Sodar Rehras Sahib are complete. Similarly, we only read the first verse of Chandi Di Vaar for Ardaas, not the complete Chandi Di Vaar.

Chaupai Sahib does not contain the Svaiyaa and Dohra we read in Sodar Rehraas Sahib which come immediately after Chaupai Sahib. These are verses that are found in other parts of Dasam Granth.

In conclusion, Gursikhs from Akhand Kirtani Jatha follow the decision of the panth that Chaupai Sahib ends at “Dusht Dokh Tai Leho Bachaaee” for the reasons outlined above.